✨Outside the Box w/Brooke Heiple✨

Q: What made you want to try CrossFit?

A: My initial goal was weight loss. I knew I needed to workout, but had no idea where to start. I also knew that I wouldn’t stay motivated in a regular gym by myself.

Q: Favorite moment since joining CrossFit Revival?

A: My favorite moment so far was the CrossFit Open 2022. We all completed workouts together, competed against athletes all over the world, and turned it into a fun little in-house competition, too. I think we all surprised ourselves with some of the things we each accomplished during the Open.

Q: What are your goals moving forward?

A: My goals are constantly evolving. It went from weight loss to increased mobility and strength. Now, I’m focusing on specific movements. I love that there is no plateau in CrossFit. Once you hit one goal, it’s on to the next.

Q: What keeps you coming back to CrossFit Revival?

A: The people! Each person brings a different vibe to the gym. We work hard, have fun, dance, push each other and celebrate each others’ achievements. We support each other both inside and outside of the gym walls. Our kids have become friends. It truly is a family!

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