Holiday Eating Tips

With some big holidays ahead, here’s a few tips you can use to stay on track with nutrition. 

1. On days when you’ll crush a huge family feast, eat a bit lighter earlier in the day, then don’t sweat a few extra bites at the big meal. It’s more important to be generally consistent with healthy eating than absolutely rigid at all times. 

2. Eat well around the epic meals. If you know you have three big meals planned over the next weeks, try to balance them with healthy, nutritious meals on the “off days.” Eat lots of veggies and lean cuts of meat, and try to limit sugary snacks that are always around at this time of year.

3. Be moderate with alcohol—especially sugary drinks. It can be easy to fall into a chair by the fire and guzzle delicious beverages, but binge drinking and overeating can do some damage. Enjoy yourself in moderation. Need motivation to do so? Schedule a workout for the next morning and you’ll have a reason to keep the booze in check.

4. Make veggies a part of the big meals! You can absolutely enjoy the best treats of the season, but so many healthy options are truly delicious. If there’s at least one healthy item on the table, that’s a huge win. Look up some recipes and perhaps you’ll discover a nutritious dish that will be a new holiday favorite.

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