Jon’s Story

I started CrossFit looking to get stronger and I wanted to try something different.

My first impression of CrossFit Revival was that I thought most of the movements looked too difficult for me. That has changed once I learned that everything can be scaled/modified for any skill level.

My Bright Spots have been how much I’ve improved my hip mobility since I needed to do that before I could do most of the barbell movements in CrossFit. I would also have to say, completing the Murph workout without partitioning the repetitions.

Currently I’m working on increasing my PR’s as well as continue improving my form on cleans and the snatch movement. Another personal goal of mine is to complete the Murph workout with a 20lb weighted vest.

My advice for something looking to start CrossFit would be:

Be PATIENT. It’s not going to happen overnight, just keep working and you will make progress.

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