Jordans Story

I came to CrossFit from watching Justin. He really inspired me to give it a try. Watching him, the CrossFit classes, and seeing everyone getting great results really made me want to try it for myself.

My very first impression was that I was a little bit timid at first. There were a lot of new and different exercises/lifts that I had never tried before nor did I think that I could even do! But my first class, I felt so comfortable. It really is a great atmosphere!

My first Bright Spot was the very first day that I had tried CrossFit. I successfully did my first toes to bar during that class. Which I never thought I would be able to do especially on my first try.

Now I’m currently working on technique with all the new lifts I’m learning that I have never done before CrossFit. After I learn better technique, then I would like to start adding heavier weights to those lifts as I gain more strength. I’m also working on a lot of mobility which I never had much of before.

If I could go back in time, I definitely wish I would have started sooner! Justin is literally the best trainer and such an inspiration along with all the others at CrossFit Revival. I look forward to coming to class every single day, It really is like a family there. I’ve been hooked since day one!

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