Mels Story

I started CrossFit after wanting to get back into the gym and I had seen some local people post online about how much the classes being offered.

At first I was saying to myself “oh my goodness, I don’t know if I am able to do all of this!” I kept coming back about 3-5 days every week and I absolutely fell in love with it! I can do many of the exercises now and what I’m not able to do just yet, CrossFit Revival always has a scaled/modified version for me to continue making progress and gaining strength to some day perform successfully.

There are so many Bright Spots but the one that stands out most to me is my very first box jump! I looked at that box my first day and thought I would never be able to do it.

My goals are to continue building strength and one day be able to successfully do handstands and pullups without any modifications. I really wish I would have started sooner. I have gained energy and mobility as well as meeting some really inspiring and motivating people. The atmosphere is so positive and everyone really wants to see each other succeed.

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