Outside the Box w/Rita Camacho

🌟Outside the Box w/ Rita Camacho🌟

Q: What made you want to try CrossFit?

A: I started CrossFit as an opportunity to exercise with my family. We could all work at our own pace.

Q: Favorite moment since joining CrossFit Revival?

A: I have many favorite moments! Each time I accomplish something I didn’t think i could. Justin keeps me pushing since I don’t want to disappoint him.

Q: What are your goals moving forward?

A:My goals are to grow old gracefully: stay healthy and active, avoid osteoporosis, avoid injuries and falls and maintain muscle. I want to be able to run and play with grandkids someday.

Q: What keep you coming back to CrossFit Revival?

A: I enjoy the positive environment, I like the challenge of constantly working to make improvements or accomplish a new goal. I feel more energetic!

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