Pick Up Your Cross and Follow Me

What holds you back in your Faith? Are you becoming more Christ like or do you need to go deeper?

I needed to go deeper…

God called on me through a time of great hardship that my family and myself endured prior to our CrossFit journey. See the Lord uses difficult times and events in our lives to push the word out as well as make us grow. Which is why we brought Faith to our gym.

During those moments of despair and pain, God was calling on me. He was calling me to grow. He was calling me to him, to dedicate our lives to him. He was shaping my family as HE desires and I was encouraged. I learned great patience, endurance, and to trust God. It doesn’t have to make sense in the moment. TRUST!

I learned to understand WHO I am and WHOSE I am!

I learned that Gods way is the only way. Being faithful and following the Lords direction for my life. To be the light to people all around me. A disciple obedient to Jesus.

We CANNOT be neutral in our life in Jesus Christ. We MUST be focused and clear. Are we bringing Heaven down through our lives?

So we make the Kingdom of God a focused point of CrossFit Revival…

Fitness can often be so much like our Faith. Everyone wants to be at the destination but often we forget its about the journey. Its not about how you start but its how you finish. The body will grow old but the soul will remain the same.

Believe and dedicate to him!

Make sure we don’t just pick up heavy weights but PICK UP YOUR CROSS DAILY AND FOLLOW HIM!


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