Can You Do CrossFit If Your Overweight?

People often ask if they can do CrossFit if they’re overweight. 

The answer: Yes! Anyone can do CrossFit.

 In a one-on-one setting, coaches use CrossFit principles to create the perfect workout for a client. Each session is designed to challenge the client at the right level and move the person closer to their goals. In a group setting, the workout for the class is modified to suit the needs of each participant. In “CrossFit language,” quickly modifying a general workout in a group session is called “scaling.” 

For example, imagine a workout like this:

 3 rounds of:
20 barbell squats
Run 1 mile

That’s tough! But what if we adjusted it for a beginner who wants to lose weight and hasn’t worked out very much in the past? It might look like this:

3 rounds of:
5 body-weight squats
Jog or walk 100 meters

CrossFit Revivalis great at modifying workouts for clients. And we can provide plenty of examples of how we’ve done it in the past. But I’ll give you an “easy button” right here:

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