Set yourself up for success!!

We don’t rise to the level of our challenges; we fall to the level of our preparation. “Commitment devices” set us up for long-term success:

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I Suck. Now What?

Injury, age, health concerns, over-training, under-training and lack of motivation are instigators of declining athletic performance. For athletes, few things are more frustrating, maddening and

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7 Benefits of Adding Muscle

Why should someone add muscle to their body? The short answer: It’s great for your health. Keep in mind that we aren’t talking about huge

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Alone with your thoughts

The most important conversations you will ever have are the conversations with yourself… As I get older and experience more in my life, I try

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Meet Coach Justin

Our first Coaches Corner video series will be getting to know CrossFit Revival Owner/Head Coach, Coach Justin. Watch the video above to find out how

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