Do You Need Machines to Get Fit?

A good coach helps a client accomplish goals, and that can be done with or without machines. 

At our facility, we don’t focus on machines, but we could definitely use them to create a program that would help a client get fitter. Instead, we generally work with body-weight movements and free weights to help people accomplish goals. The benefit of this plan is that it allows us to train the body as a whole using “compound movements.” Machines tend to isolate one body part.

 For example, the leg-extension machine is for the quads.

 Now think about a barbell squat: It works the quads and all the other leg muscles, as well as your abs and spinal erectors. Good lifters even use their upper backs and shoulders in squats. We use barbells, dumbbells and other objects because you can train a host of muscles at once—including the core.

This style of training has many benefits: You work more muscles in less time, you improve core strength, you train the body as a whole, and you generate an impressive metabolic response that causes your body to make positive changes.

We also track progress so you don’t have to wonder if you’re getting fitter. Your results will prove it, and our coaches will constantly check in to make adjustments to the plan to ensure you’re on track.

So machines can be used in a fitness program, but they aren’t essential. In fact, other styles of training are more effective if you have certain goals. 

The best way to find out what style of training is right for you? Book a free consultation with us. We’ll sit down, answer your questions, find out about your goals and then tell you exactly how you can accomplish them.

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