Outside The Box w/ Becky Zur

Q: What made you want to try CrossFit?

A: During the crazy year of 2020, I experienced a lot of downfalls, as many did. During that year, I lost the body I was used to – I was out of shape, untoned, and gaining weight. My sister started attending the classes, and she encouraged me to go. I attended my first class so clueless. I’m a rather shy person, so this was a step out of my comfort zone. I’ve never been a big fan of going to the gym, but thankfully the class was filled with positive and welcoming people that made me feel comfortable.

Q: Favorite moment since joining CrossFit Revival?

A: I was super excited to have completed the  Half Murph with all of my “sisters” (Mariah, Kala, Amber, Autumn, Jena, Anni) and the other great members. My “sisters” and I all started around the same time in March. We’ve all grown and made so much improvement – so proud of all of them!!

Q: What are your goals moving forward?

A: My biggest goal is to complete a workout unscaled – RXing the workout!

Also, making sure I get a skier for the workouts 😉

Q: What keeps you coming back to CrossFit Revival?

A: I’ve made so many friends, grown with family members, and have become more confident in myself. I’ve always played team sports, so going to the gym by myself never motivated me. I wouldn’t be able to push myself to new boundaries without the people that surround me. The support system keeps me going!

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