There’s not always a next time

It has been a week and a half. I still can’t stop thinking about a conversation I had with my son…

How often do you hear someone say the phrase “there’s always tomorrow” or “there’s always next time.” Or maybe you even say it. I’m guilty!! I have said it before.

As I become older and experience more in life, I can’t help but stress to those close to me that we need some urgency in our life!!! The truth is that there’s not always a next time. We don’t always get another opportunity.

Most times we have no idea when the last time is actually happening. We tell someone “I’ll see you tomorrow” and that tomorrow doesn’t always happen unbeknownst to us at the time of goodbye.

I have this fear! I die, go to heaven, and God starts reading my life’s resume. It states all these amazing feats I’ve accomplished and all these lives I’ve helped change in such a positive way. Why is that a fear??? Because I didn’t accomplish the things that he is reading to me. That is everything he put me on this earth to do. But I was too nervous and afraid to get out of my comfort zone. I kept putting things off and making excuses for myself.

Thats actually a part of David Goggins book “Can’t Hurt Me”. But as I read it, it spoke to me and really made me think about my life. Not a year from now… But today!!!

I promise you that there is NOT always a next time. Chances are, you will not even know when it’s the last time. What can you do today to change your life? There is absolutely something you can do every single day.

See you at the top!!!

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