I Suck. Now What?

Injury, age, health concerns, over-training, under-training and lack of motivation are instigators of declining athletic performance. For athletes, few things are more frustrating, maddening and depressing than knowing their potential and failing to reach it.

The past year I have faced many obstacles that put a damper on most of the goals I set out to accomplish this year.

As a result, I’ve questioned myself over and over looking for an answer to my asking why of myself. You see, every outcome is the result of an action or inaction.

After each event I walk away thinking the same thing:

I suck. Now what? 

How do you get through the training and the lack-luster-performance blues? Mental rehabilitation is sometimes harder than physical.

After my latest competitive adventure, I needed to take a hard look in the mirror and start asking questions. What I found is that the very things I preach to my kids is the same things that I have no longer been doing myself. The things that created my success, I still was doing but not in the same areas of my life.

My son came home from school the other day and I said, “Hey I’m going to go work out again today, would you like to come along?” He looked at me and asked “Your going to work out again today? Why?” The answer was simple, “because I suck and Im sick of it.”

This is not how everyone should approach this scenario. Many variables go into this such as proper fueling, hydration, recovery, etc… But in all honesty, how many things have you ever accomplished due to investing less??

Exercise with no expectations, focus on what you can control. Most importantly, reassess your goals. Take a step back, turn off your phone and leave it at home.

As athletes, we are constantly striving to grow and better ourselves. Sometimes sucking is just another stepping stone in our athletic journey.

See you at the top!

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