Michele’s Story

 I started dieting and had lost 44#s.  My next step was to join a gym or start an exercise program. I didn’t want to just go to a gym on my own and not get anything out of it, I wanted a more personal experience and to know that I was doing things the right way. I was really interested in trying CrossFit but was hesitant about trying something new.  I did a squat challenge in May and won so I took that as a sign to go for it.

My first impression was that no way would I be able to do what these people are doing.  I was wrong I can do it and every time I lift more or complete something new I feel great and it builds my confidence.

Every time I come in to the gym and give each new challenge a chance without giving up.  I feel better about myself.  I absolutely love CrossFit.

My goals going forward are that I want to be able to do a pull-up and a handstand push up.   

My advice for those interested in CrossFit Revival would be, don’t be afraid to try it.  You will surprise yourself at what your capable of doing.  You will build confidence in yourself and you will enjoy a wonderful group of inspiring individuals that will help you want to be better.  

I love my mornings at the gym and I’m thankful for all the skills Justin teaches me.

Thanks for all your support CrossFit Revival family.

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